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JimShoes represents professional and talented artists, and provides emerging new artists with unique and creative elements that continually challenge them to set new trends in today's competitive entertainment industry. Once an artist signs up with JimShoes, the artist is progressively immersed in a dynamic and diverse environment designed to stimulate their creativity, increase exposure to viewers and listeners, create awareness of new trends, improve and refine their overall presentation and style.

JimShoes influences the artist's image by tapping into the style and flare of his/her particular music genre and culture. Finally, JimShoes challenges each artist to raise the level of their talent by being more bold, creative, and original in their work.




JimShoes has created an individualized support program which focuses on providing our client with the tools and services necessary to showcase their work in today's competitive entertainment industry. Our goal is to help clients overcome industry barriers, gain access to broader global markets, and increase their overall exposure through target advertising over mainstream entertainment outlets.




At JimShoes, our goal is to launch and manage initiatives that create new consumer awareness, and continue to increase consumer familiarity with the JimShoes brand and our reputation for quality original work.

Our industry experience allows us to successfully develop marketing campaigns that speak directly to target demographics, and effectively promote our managed talent through diversified media outlets such as television, radio, internet websites, banners, posters, postcards, t-shirts, and digital media. This combination is ushering in a new era of entertainment, and introducing new music and styles to a broader audience of viewers and listeners.


Chief Executive Officer - James Hastings
James Hastings is the founder and CEO of JimShoes, LLC. He is also the founder and CEO of JimShoes Entertainment, now one of three major brands through which JimShoes offers its product line and services.

As CEO of JimShoes, James Hastings is responsible for business development, strategic planning, logistics, direct marketing, creative services, branding, licensing, retail growth strategy, and the overall leadership and direction of his company.



LaShon Hastings

Operations/General Manager

Chris Hastings

Audio and Video Technology

Brian Westbrook

Creative Marketing Assistant

Dominique Rawls

Communications / Community Relations Coordinator
Justin Smith

Marketing Coordinator & Operations





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